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eyelash services

  • Strip Lashes
    Temporary, One time use
  • Ardell Individuals
    Flared clusters
  • Silk 2x2 V-Lash Extensions
    Semi permanent. Range in fullness and length. Last 3-4 weeks*. 30-45 min process.
    $50 & up
  • Silk 1x1 Single Strand Lash Extensions
    Semi permanent individual J lashes. Applied one by one. Last 1-2 months*. 1.5-2 hr process
    $100 & up
  • Fill
    Replace lashes that have fallen out due to natural eyelash growth cycle or other factors.
    2 weeks: $25
    Less than 2 weeks: $20
    More than two weeks: $30
  • Removal
    Gel remover applied to lashes for a quick and pain free removal
  • Designer Fashion Lashes
    Feather, mink, colorful, loud strip lashes. Ideal for fashion shows and/or photo shoots
  • *Longevity of eyelash extensions depend on individual care


  • Eyebrow Shaping
    Wax, tweeze or blade
  • Eyebrow Tinting
    Semi Permanent Eyebrow Tattoo using Indian Henna Ink. Achieve fuller, darker eyebrows. Lasts 2 weeks.
  • Lip Wax
    Hair removal on/around upper lip
  • Chin Wax
    Hair removal on/around chin
  • Sideburn Wax
    Hair removal on/around sideburn


  • MakeUp Application
    Full face makeup application for any occasion**. Includes skin prep, eyes, foundation/powder, lips & strip lashes
  • Makeup
    Eyes only. Includes only eye color, liner and mascara
  • Peeling Pack
    Removes whiteheads and black heads leaving the face feeling clean and fresh.
  • **separate pricing for bridal makeup


  • Earlobe Piercing
    Piercing for both men and women. Newest piercing gun in the market. Quick, painfree, 100% contamination free. Starter jewelry must be purchased with piercing
    One ear $5
    Two ears $10
    Jewelry $30 & up


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