• "I LOVE my lashes! What I love most is that I barely wear makeup anymore. The lashes give me that pop I need so I just get up and go. They are very lightweight, they dont itch, they look natural and I alwayyyys get compliments. Good work Diahann! "

    ~ Tiffany. Largo, MD

  • Wow, I love them. They look so natural.. people just stare and wonder how such a fair skin person has such beautiful, long dark lashes, I just let them wonder. I live in NY but come to MD every month for a refill or full set! Love them. Thanks Di

    ~ Lola. New York, NY

  • "I have had my lashes on for 6 and half weeks now! And they still look good. I have sensitive eyes but I have not had any issues as far as itching to infections or anything like that. I love that you get perfect lashes for such an affordable price. 4.9 stars! "

    ~ Mrs. Green. Columbia, MD

  • " I am very happy with my eyelash extensions. the only problem I had was excess eyeshadow that would sit on my lashes...was not a good look. but Diahann taught me an easy technique to avoid eyeshadow build up on my lashes. Other than that...i have no complaints! Diahann also did my make up for my wedding July. She did an awesome job. Her attention to detail and 'i must do everything perfect' nature definitely gives her an upper hand. I would definitely recommend Blinktique for any eyelash or makeup service "

    ~ Renee Clark. Ellicot City, MD

  • " I used Diahann for a college fashion show. She was the only makeup artist responsible for 20 female models. she worked quickly and the quality of her work was still amazing. I plan on using her again. "

    ~ Anonymous

  • "Ms. Diahann did my hair lashes and makeup for my prom. I was so happy I cried. Thank you Ms. D!!! "

    ~ Your favorite little girl :)

  • " I was skeptical about trying this whole eyelash extension thing. I have done it once before and had an AWFUL experience....all my lashes came off. But this sounded so good, so I tried it (with fingers crossed). The procedure was pain free, I slept through the whole thing and most importantly...i woke up to a beautiful set of lashes. they looked very natural, they didnt weigh my eyes down (like the typical ones), I had no irritation. bottom line...i was happy. Even the removal process was pain free and it left me with lashes. I am now an addict, lol. I get them done all the time. Diahann, you should have a disclaimer somewhere 'addiction rates are high, apply at your own risk' :) ok bye....!!! "

    ~ KK

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